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Agent Portal Filter:

With the filters, you can determine what offers are available for transfer. Without filters, all offers will be considered. The specified filter are combined with or. A offer is taken into account when it is selected by one of the specified filter.

(1) The name is used only for you as description / information.

There you can see, how many offers are available from your total tenders for the transfer in question.

(2) With this button you can delete the displayed filter.
(3) Switch between the filters.
(4) To deny the specified condition.

example: You want to send all offers other than rent, then select rent and put the check mark in front. Thus, all rentals are excluded. However, if you specify a other filter with "all offers up to 20,000", then all rentals up 20,000 included again.

(5) Different ways to specify conditions.

Not specified conditions are ignored. It is also possible to combine one or more conditions.

(6) Limitations of this portal are displayed here.

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